Daniel Berry

berry, daniel

Graduate Student
Social Program

Faculty adviser: Kirk Warren Brown, Ph.D.

Research lab: Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab

I earned my bachelor's degree in psychology from Christopher Newport University in 2008, and completed my master's degree in psychology from East Tennessee State University in 2011. I joined VCU’s social psychology program in fall 2012. Broadly, I am interested in increasing our understanding of attention and motivation through the lens of neural correlates (i.e., EEG / ERP), particularly as a consequence of state and trait mindfulness and via the application of mindfulness as a clinical intervention. More specifically, I am interested in how mindfulness assuages ego-related attentional biases, fostering intentional, receptive awareness of and attention to one’s experience. I am also interested in the impact of mindfulness on self-regulation, especially when one is aware that he or she made an error.