Dr. Charles Calderwood

Dr. Charles Calderwood

Assistant Professor
Social Psychology
808 W Franklin, rm 405
(804) 828-8352

Assistant Professor
Social Psychology
PhD (2012), Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests

My research focuses on the impact of daily and enduring influences on work – non-work relationships and occupational health.  A primary focus of my current research is exploring the impact of transient and enduring influences on employee work – non-work relationship perceptions over varying time frames.  Another current emphasis in my research involves investigating the contributions of specific daily events, personality traits, and work characteristics to the duration of the post-work stress response.  I have also recently begun to extend my research to educational contexts, through investigations of technology usage demands and strategies in student populations.  A major area of interest in this line of research will be establishing how students use technology to integrate academic and non-academic aspects of their lives.

Selected Publications

Bennett, A. A., Gabriel, A. S., Calderwood, C., Dahling, J. J., & Trougakos, J. P. (in press). Better together? Examining patterns of recovery experiences for employee well-being. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Calderwood, C., & Ackerman, P. L. (in press). The relative salience of daily and enduring influences on off-job reactions to work stress. Stress & Health.
Calderwood, C., Gabriel, A. S., Rosen, C. C., Simon, L. S., & Koopman, J. (in press). 100 years running: The need to understand why employee physical activity benefits organizations. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
Calderwood, C., Green, J. D., Joy-Gaba, J. A., & Moloney, J. M. (2016). Forecasting errors in student media multitasking during homework completion. Computers & Education94, 37-48.
Calderwood, C., Ackerman, P. L., & Conklin, E. M. (2014). What else do college students “do” while studying? An investigation of multitasking. Computers & Education75, 19-29.

Recent Courses

  • Industrial Psychology, undergraduate level
  • History of Psychology, undergraduate level