Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Psychology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to increasing the number of students and faculty from underrepresented groups, including ethnic and sexual minorities. We strive for an environment where diverse lifestyles, cultural backgrounds and orientations are considered assets, valued, and respected.

Diversity, Inclusion and Research

Many of our faculty members and graduate students conduct research that facilitates an understanding of the relationship between cultural and psychological processes, and that promotes the health and well-being of diverse individuals. For example, faculty members and graduate students are conducting research on the relationship between cultural values and health behaviors; the relationship between race related stressors and health; the identification of risk and protective factors for health behaviors among diverse populations; the health-related experiences of urban youth and adults and other diverse groups of individuals; and international research (e.g., Mexico, Syria, Africa). Faculty members and graduate students are also conducting studies aimed at improving access to health related services for urban and underrepresented individuals through the development and evaluation of culturally-congruent programs and services.

Diversity, Inclusion and the Community

VCU is an urban university, and as of Fall 2007 has over 32,000 students, including 29 percent minority students and students of color and 1,429 international students from 113 countries. Roughly 20% our full-time Psychology Department faculty members are also from ethnic minority groups. Faculty members and graduate students work collaboratively with local community agencies (including Richmond Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Hispanic Liaison Office) to implement programs and activities that promote better life outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Faculty members and students in the clinical and counseling programs are also engaged in providing mental health services to diverse families, youth, and adults through the Center for Psychological Services and Development (CPSD) and its specialty clinics (e.g., Latino Mental Health Clinic, Anxiety Clinic). The CPSD serves a community that is highly diverse with clients coming from different racial, ethnic, national, sexual, gender, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. Opportunities for research are also available through the CPSD.

Faculty Whose Research and/or Clinical Interests Involve Diverse Individuals