December 2016 Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy

Borre Montealegre, Alicia

Alicia Borre Montealegre

Ph.D. Developmental Psychology
Adviser: Wendy Kliewer, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Adjustment Profiles Among Youth in Diverse Cultural Contexts: Individual, Family and Contextual Influences
What's next? Dr. Borre Montealegre will serve as assistant professor in Hampton University's Department of Psychology.

harper, leia

Leia Harper

Ph.D. Health Psychology
Adviser: Faye Belgrave, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Exploring the Role of Intersectionality on Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Sexual Minorities
What's next? Dr. Harper will join the instructional faculty in the Department of Psychology at California State University - Monterey Bay. 


Lena Jäggi

Ph.D. Developmental Psychology
Adviser: Wendy Kliewer, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Catching Up and Staying Out of Trouble: Serious Juvenile Offenders’ Facility School Experiences and Their Transition to the Community
What's next? Dr. Jäggi will join the University of Basel's (Switzerland) research faculty.


Master of Science

Allison Baylor

M.S. Clinical Psychology
Adviser: Bruce Rybarczyk, Ph.D.
Thesis: Behaviorally Induced Insufficient Sleep Syndrome and Insomnia: Prevalence and Relationship to Depression in College Students

Megan Carlson

M.S. Clinical Psychology
Adviser: Terri Sullivan, Ph.D.
Thesis: Longitudinal Relations Between Parental Messages Supporting Fighting and Aggressive Behavior in Early Adolescence: The Moderating Role of Positive Parenting Practices

Jessica Greenlee

M.S. Developmental Psychology
Adviser: Marcia Winter, Ph.D.
Thesis: The Family Affective Attitude Rating Scale in Children with Asthma: The Association Between Relational Schemas and Emotional Security

Marzena Hiler

M.S. Health Psychology
Adviser: Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D.
Thesis: Electronic Cigarette User Plasma Nicotine Concentration and Puff Topography: Influence of Liquid Nicotine Concentration and User Experience

Ashley Hill

M.S. Counseling Psychology
Adviser: Shawn Utsey, Ph.D.
Thesis: What’s Real? What’s Not?: Reality TV’s Effect on Relational Aggression Among Black College Women

Janna Imel

M.S. Counseling Psychology
Adviser: Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D.
Thesis: Positivity Ratio: Predicting Sleep Outcomes Across The Adult Lifespan

Sydney Kelpin

M.S. Clinical Psychology
Adviser: Dace Svikis, Ph.D.
Thesis: Representativeness of Patients Enrolled in a Primary Care Clinical Trial for Substance Use Disorders

Zoe Neale

M.S. Clinical Psychology
Adviser: Danielle Dick, Ph.D.
Thesis: Evaluating a Brief Web-Based Prevention Intervention for Risky Alcohol Use Among College Students

Erin Thompson

M.S. Clinical Psychology
Adviser: Albert Farrell, Ph.D.
Thesis: Reciprocal Relations Between Traumatic Stress and Physical Aggression During Middle School

Jesse Wingate

M.S. Counseling Psychology
Adviser: Victoria Shivy, Ph.D.
Thesis: On Workaholism: Do Parental Work Behaviors Predict the Work Behaviors of Undergraduates?

Bachelor of Science

Paul Alon II

Rema Alshushan

Priyanka Arora

Alice Attkisson

Sandip Aujla

Binta Bah

Bryan Bailey

Liana Bennett

Lynelle Bernardo

Gregory Boehme

Sydney Breithaupt

Carol Brown

Isaiah Brown

Jessie Bryant

Daniel Bustamante

Sarah Carlan

Stacy Carroll

Lindsay Chapman

Dylan Cohan

Jessie Collins

Brittany Crowe

Chelsea Cummings

Molly Denman

Natasha Dickerson-Amaya

Lynda Diomande

Phuong Duong

Madeline Dupie

Amy Duran

DaeQuisha Durden-Yeboah

Mona Elsayed

Alana Encalade

Jonathan Faulks

Dominique Finger

Amber Fischer

Molly Fontenot

Marlaina Forbes

Andrew Franzyshen

Esmeralda Garcia

John Garrett III

Carino Garza

Samantha Gilley

Lillian Goldstein

Enrique Gonzalez

Cydni Gordon

Catherine Granger

Jaliah Graves

Chardor Green

Mattiecemaria Greene

Rachel Griffin

Kaitlin Guardino

Sarah Halperin

Timothy Harp

Ashley Hinson

Emily Ho

Erica Hobbs

Melissa Hollis

Leanna Honora

Cassandra Hooghouse

Taylor Howell-Schramm

Megan Hughes

Kristin Hunter

Kiara Hussein

Folasade Ilori

Stacey Jenkins

Sarah Jennings

Emily Johnson

Harrison Jones

Kameron Jones

Casey Judson

Michal Ketner

Katherine King

Alexandra Kosakowski

Ryan Kurdi

Jay Lane

Ye Rin Lee

Jillian Little

Laura Liwen

Taylor Lopez

Brandon Love

Rogelio Loya

Melissa Lucas

Stephanie Luck

Mulayo Makwarela

Ellen Mangum

Kiara Mann

Jordan Martin

Alec McElroy

McKinley McWilliams

Ashley Medlin

Suzanne Merritt

Lauren Miles

Deidre Miller

Steven Miller

Lauren Minton

Keila Moore

Kelsey Moore

Peyton Myers

Mariam Naqvi

Theresa Nolan

Susan Norton

Bianca Nunez

Alexander Ochart

Alice Onyango

Savannah Paasch

Lindsey Pada

Shequazer Perpignan

Ryan Phillips

Katharine Polson

Madolyn Rabbers

Brianna Ragland

Fahad Rahman

Jaritzi Ramirez

Tiera Reavis

Chastity Reynolds

Joyce Rodgers

Allison Romeo

Darlene Romero

Erika-Joelle Roncal

Palwinder Saini

Sara Samson

Shayla Sanders

Marcus Scrum

Danielle Scully

Madison Sehestedt

Erin Self

Fanchon Sendolo

Ava Shankle Donald

Katherine Skinner

Charlotte  Smith

Shelby Smout

Michael Stratton

Katherine Sturiale

Caroline Thomas

Courtney Tibbetts

Drew Tibbetts

Michelle Tran

Tracey Tran

Jasmin Turcios

Alexis Turner

Kayla Vernon

Hanna Walker

Christopher Wall

Talitha Wall

Morgan Webber

Tynesha Weeden

Rory Wheeler

Brandi Wick

Alexis Wilkes

Sawyer Wilkins

Ashley Williams

Harlan Wright

Kaileen Wright

Sarah Young