The research conducted by the developmental psychology faculty focuses on a number of areas, such as 

  • Mental health and health disparities among Latine, African American, & Multiracial youth and families
  • Positive youth development in family, school, and community settings
  • Ethnic-Racial identity development across the lifespan
  • Risk and protective factors associated with adverse childhood experiences
  • Social and emotional development among African American and Latine families
  • Family cultural and socialization processes
  • Psychophysiological correlates of emotion
  • Ethnic-Racial discrimination and colorism
  • Child, parent/caregiver, and family stress and adaptation
  • Prevention of firearm violence 
  • Risk and resilience
  • Child emotional security in threatening contexts
  • Culturally affirming and responsive school environments
  • Prevention of substance abuse, particularly in the international context
  • Child emotional, mental, and physical health