Emily Lasko


Doctoral Student
Social Program

Research Lab

Social Psychology and Neuroscience Lab

Faculty Adviser

David Chester, Ph.D.

I completed my bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in 2014 and joined the doctoral program in social psychology at VCU in 2017 after completing my master’s degree in experimental psychology at Georgia Southern University. My research interests involve the darker tendencies of human nature, including psychopathy, sadism, masochism and aggressive behavior. Additionally, I am interested in the contribution of and limits to empathy within these contexts. Lastly, and importantly, I am interested in exploring the biological bases of these behaviors, and the interplay between the biological and environmental factors that contribute to the development of these stable “dark” traits and associated behaviors.

Select Publications

Lasko, E., & Posick, C. (2017). Psychological prison programs. In C. M. Hilinski-Rosick & J. P. Walsh (Eds.), Issues in corrections: Research, policy, and future prospects (pp. 135–152). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
Hackney, A., Beussink, C. Kemple, J., & Lasko, E. (2016). Psychopathy and everyday moral decision making: The mediating role of empathic concern. Manuscript in preparation.
Posick, C., Lasko, E., & Tremblay, R. E. (2016). Refocusing violence prevention: Toward a biosocial victimology. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Student Government Association Travel Grant

Source: Georgia Southern University
Period: Fall 2015
Faculty sponsor: Amy Hackney


  • 2016, Georgelle Thomas Memorial Foundation Scholarship, Georgia Southern University