Joshua Langberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Josh Langberg

Clinical Psychology
810 W Franklin, rm 111

Associate Dean for Research &
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, College of Humanities & Sciences

Professor (tenured)
Director, Promoting Adolescent School Success (PASS)
Co-Director, Center for ADHD Research, Education, and Service
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Virginia

Ph.D. (2006), University of South Carolina

Doctoral Program Affiliation

Clinical Psychology


Research Interests

My research focuses on improving the behavioral and academic functioning of children, adolescents, and emerging adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and on disseminating evidence-based interventions for youth with ADHD into community settings. This is a busy and exciting time for our group as we are simultaneously running three large intervention studies. First, we are in the midst of a large randomized trial of the Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS) intervention (N = 260). HOPS is a school-based intervention delivered by school counselors and psychologists during the school day. We are comparing HOPS to another active intervention condition, focused on improving adolescents’ focus and efficiency during homework completion. Second, along with Dr. Arthur Anastopolous at UNCG, we recently started a randomized trial evaluating the efficacy of the Accessing Campus Connections and Empowering Student Success (ACCESS) intervention for college students with ADHD. ACCESS is a cognitive-behavioral intervention that involves both group and mentoring components. Over the course of this 4-year study, we will enroll close to 250 college students with ADHD. Third, along with Dr. Rose Corona and her group, we are developing and evaluating an intervention for high school age adolescents with ADHD that focuses on tobacco and substance use prevention. We are working with a team of experts to develop and refine the intervention content and will then move to evaluating the efficacy of the intervention through a randomized trial. I am also a Co-Investigator on a number of pediatric focused grant projects. For example, I am working with Dr. Jeff Epstein at Cincinnati Children's Hospital on a grant focused on improving pediatricians' use of evidence-based assessment and treatment practices for children with ADHD. We are evaluating whether pediatricians' use of an ADHD Web Portal improves practice behaviors and child outcomes.

With all of these on-going projects and other recently completed projects (see recent grants below) we have lots of data and are a very productive group. The students in my lab publish frequently and have wide-ranging research interests under the broad umbrella of ADHD, including school-based mental health, resilience and protective factors, sleep, executive functions, substance use, and sluggish cognitive tempo. In addition, along with Dr. Heather Jones, I co-direct and supervise in the ADHD Clinic here at VCU. This provides us with a unique opportunity to take what we learn in our research studies and directly apply it in the Richmond, Virginia community.

Select Publications

Langberg, J. M., Dvorsky, M. R., Molitor, S. J., Bourchtein, E., Eddy, L. E., Smith, Z. R., Oddo, L. E., & Eadeh, H. M. (2017). Overcoming the research-to-practice gap: A randomized trial with two brief homework and organization interventions for students with ADHD as implemented by school mental health providers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/ccp0000265
Langberg, J. M., Dvorsky, M. R., Molitor, S. J., Bourchtein, E., Eddy, L. D., Smith, Z., Schultz, B. K., & Evans, S. W. (2016). Longitudinal evaluation of the importance of homework completion for the academic performance of middle school students with ADHD. Journal of School Psychology, 55, 27-38. 
Becker, S. P., Langberg, J. M., & Byars, K. C. (2015). Advancing a biopsychosocial and contextual model of sleep in adolescence: A review in introduction to the special issue. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44, 239-270.
Langberg, J. M., Becker, S. P., Dvorsky, M. R., & Luebbe, A. M. (2014). Are sluggish cognitive tempo and daytime sleepiness distinct constructs? Psychological Assessment, 26, 586-597.
Langberg, J. M., & Becker, S. P. (2012). Does long-term medication use improve the academic outcomes of youth with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder? Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 15, 215-233.

Recent Courses

  • Clinical Supervision, graduate level

Recent Grants

Longitudinal Evaluation of the Impact of Sleep Problems on the Academic and Social Functioning of Adolescents With and Without ADHD

Amount: $1,399,988
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences
Period: 7/2016 – 6/2020
Number: R305A160126

Improving the Educational and Social-Emotional Functioning of College Students With ADHD

Amount: $3,179,850
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Source: Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences
Period: 7/2015 – 6/2019
Number: R305A150207

Integrating Tobacco Prevention Strategies Into Behavioral Parent Training for Adolescents With ADHD 

Amount: $449,362
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Source: Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Period: 7/2015 – 6/2018
Number: 8521067

Efficacy of an Organizational Skills Intervention for Middle School Students With ADHD

Amount: $2,414,164
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences
Period: 8/2015 – 7/2017
Number: R305A130011

Evaluation of an Intervention for Improving Community-Based Pediatric ADHD Care

Amount: $2,997,444
Role: Co-Investigator
Source: National Institute of Mental Health
Period: 7/2010 – 6/2016
Number: R01MH083665

2/2 Multisite Study of School-Based Treatment Approaches for ADHD Adolescents

Amount: $1,687,500
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: National Institute of Mental Health
Period: 7/2009 – 6/2015
Number: R01MH082865-01A2

Recent Awards

  • 2016, Excellence in Scholarship Award, VCU College of Humanities and Sciences
  • 2013, Outstanding Research Award, VCU Department of Psychology

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