Geri Lotze, Ph.D.

Dr. Geri Lotze

Teaching Associate Professor
Developmental Psychology
808 W Franklin, rm 307
(804) 827-1862

Teaching Associate Professor
Ph.D. (2009), Virginia Commonwealth University

Doctoral Program Affiliation

Developmental Psychology

Research Interests

I am interested in how disabilities impact individuals across the lifespan. I have explored stress in college-aged students with disabilities, and am particularly interested in Autism throughout adulthood. In addition, I am interested in the impact of incarceration on children. I supervise graduate students who teach parenting skills to incarcerated men and women, and I also work closely with an undergraduate class that places VCU undergraduates in juvenile facilities to tutor incarcerated adolescents. I also teach a summer school service learning course, Mentoring Children at Risk, where VCU undergrads are trained to mentor children with incarcerated parents at a weeklong camp. I am also interested in teaching pedagogy and to that end attend numerous training opportunities and conferences that help inform my teaching practices.

Select Publications

Sullivan, T., Sutherland, K., Lotze, G., Helms, S., Wright, S., & Ulmer, L. (2015). Problem situations experienced by urban middle school students with high incidence disabilities that impact emotional and behavioral adjustment. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 23, 101-114.  
Sullivan, T., Helms, S., Bettencourt, A., Sutherland, K., Lotze, G., Mays, S., Wright, S., & Farrell, A. (2012). A qualitative study of individual and peer factors related to effective nonviolent versus aggressive responses to problem situations among adolescents with high incidence  disabilities. Behavioral Disorders, 37, 163-178. 
Myers, B., Mackintosh, V., Kuznetsova, M., Lotze, G., Best, A., & Ravindran, N. (2013).  Teasing, bullying, and emotional regulation in children of incarcerated mothers. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 78, 26-40. 

Recent Courses

  • Life Span Developmental Psychology, undergraduate level [traditional lecture, online, and hybrid (with service learning) formats]
  • Adult Development, Adolescent Development, undergraduate level
  • Mentoring Children at Risk, undergraduate level
  • Parenting, Infant and Early Childhood Development, graduate level
  • Topic courses:  Emerging Adulthood, Disabilities Across the Lifespan, Disabilities in Film, undergraduate level

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