Maureen Mathews, Ph.D.


Teaching Assistant Professor
Social Psychology
820 W Franklin St, rm 112
(804) 828-8949

Teaching Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2009), Virginia Commonwealth University

Doctoral Program Affiliation

Social Psychology

Research Interests

Broadly construed, I am interested in how self-conceptualization interacts with social cognition and emotion. A specific focus of my work compares the psychological differences between gratitude and indebtedness and how self-awareness affects these differences. I also have experience with undergraduate curriculum development and assessment.

Select Publications

Yoder, M. S., Ault, L. K., & Mathews, M. A. (2017). Knowing your face: A componential analysis of self-perceived facial attractiveness. Journal of Social Psychology, 157, 366-381.
Mathews, M. A., & Shook, N. J. (2013). Preventing or promoting thanks: Regulatory focus and its effect on gratitude and indebtedness. Journal of Research in Personality, 47, 191-195.
Mathews, M. A., & Green, J. D. (2010). Looking at me, appreciating you: Self-focused attention distinguishes between gratitude and indebtedness. Cognition & Emotion, 24, 710-718.
Green, J. D., Mathews, M. A., & Foster, C. A. (2009). Another kind of “interpersonal” relationship: Humans, animal companions, and attachment theory. In E. Cuyler & M. Ackhart (Eds.), Psychology of Relationships (pp. 87-109). Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Recent Courses

  • Application of Statistics
  • Social Psychology