Marzena Hiler


Doctoral Student
Health Program

Research Lab

Center for the Study of Tobacco Products

Faculty Adviser

Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D.

I completed my bachelor's degree in psychology and social behavior from the University of California, Irvine in 2012 and joined the doctoral program in health psychology at VCU in 2014. My research interests include the evaluation of novel/alternative tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes, with the intention to inform regulation and public policy. Specifically, my research has used clinical laboratory methods to examine the acute effects of novel tobacco products including exposure to nicotine and other toxicants, subjective effects (mood, nicotine/tobacco abstinence symptom suppression) and how user behavior can influence exposure to nicotine and other toxicants.

Select Publications

Spindle, T. R., Hiler, M. M., Cooke, M., Eissenberg, T. E., Kendler, K., & Dick, D. (2017). Electronic cigarette use and uptake of cigarette smoking: A longitudinal examination of U.S. college students. Addictive Behaviors, 67, 66-72.
Lopez, A. A., Hiler, M., Maloney, S., Eissenberg, T., & Breland, A. B. (2016b). Expanding clinical laboratory tobacco product evaluation methods to loose-leaf tobacco vaporizers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 169, 33-40.
Ramôa, C. P., Hiler, M. M., Spindle, T. R., Lopez, A. A., Karaoghlanian, N., Lipato, T., Breland, A., & Eissenberg, T. (2016). Electronic cigarette nicotine delivery can exceed that of combustible cigarettes: A preliminary report. Tobacco Control, 25(e1), e6-9.
Spindle, T. R., Hiler, M., Breland, A., Karaoghlanian, N., Shihadeh, A. L., & Eissenberg, T. (2016). The influence of a mouthpiece-based topography measurement device on electronic cigarette user’s plasma nicotine concentration, heart rate, and subjective effects under directed and ad libitum use conditions. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19, 469-476.
Soule, E. K., Maloney, S. F., Spindle, T. R., Rudy, A., Hiler, M. M., & Cobb, C. O. (2016). Electronic cigarette use and indoor air quality in a natural setting. Tobacco Control, 26, 109-112.