Alison J Patev


Doctoral Student
Health Program

Faculty Adviser

Kristina Hood, Ph.D.

Research Lab

PROGRESS Research Lab

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stonehill College in 2013, and my master’s degree in experimental psychology from Mississippi State University in 2015. From there, I spent a year teaching undergraduate psychology at MSU and working as a research assistant at MSU’s Social Science Research Center before joining the doctoral program in health psychology at VCU in 2016.

My interests broadly include social inequity, particularly gender inequity. In particular, I aim to explore individuals’ perceptions of privilege and power, as well as factors that impact gender-fair language use. I am currently developing a program to help students better understand concepts of gender and think critically about the construction of gender in our society. Other projects include exploring women’s access to reproductive health care and perspectives on other American social policies.