Cathryn E Richmond


Doctoral Student
Developmental Program


Research Lab

Child and Family Perseverance (CHAMP) Lab

Faculty Adviser

Marcia Winter, Ph.D.

Cathryn is a doctoral candidate in Developmental Psychology at VCU and received her master’s degree in Psychological Sciences from James Madison University in 2015.  Her research interests relate to how children, adolescents, and young adults develop their cultural moral identity through cognitive, social, and emotional processes and the way in which this may influence subsequent experiences of intellectual humility, social empathy, and altruistic behavior. To do so, she incorporates consideration of individual (e.g., identity intersectionality and open-mindedness), experiential (e.g., exposure to both acute and historical trauma), and contextual (e.g., social norms and resource competition) influences within her conceptualizations of identity and moral development. In the future, she hopes to help translate this research into more developmentally appropriate, empirically-based prevention and policy programs.  Cathryn also serves as national representative for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT), as well as student representative on the Board of Directors and the chair of the Justice Reform Task Force for the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice.