Melissa Washington-Nortey


Doctoral Student
Developmental Program

Faculty Adviser

Zewelanji Serpell, Ph.D.

I am a doctoral student in the developmental psychology program at VCU. I began my education in Ghana, West Africa where I lived for several years. From there, I went on to attain a master’s degree in child development from the University of Haifa in Israel. My interests lie in parenting factors that influence the socio-emotional and cognitive development of children. I focus specifically on how parent-fostered child exposure to diverse cognitively stimulating activities influences development in early and middle childhood. 

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Dzokoto, V., Senft, N., Kpobi, L., & Washington-Nortey, P. M. (2016). Their hands have lost their bones: Exploring cultural scripts in two West African affect lexica. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 45, 1473-1497.