Peter Barr, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow
817 W. Franklin St.
Suite B-16, Rm B-30
(804) 828-1266

Postdoctoral Fellow
Examining Development, Genes, and Environment (EDGE) Lab 
Ph.D. (2015), The University of Akron

Research Interests

My dissertation focused on the influence that neighborhood characteristics have on trajectories of depression and substance use across the early life course. I currently work on a project focusing on gene-environment interplay in the development of alcohol use and related problems during young adulthood (5R01AA015416-08).

Select Publications

Frech, A., Lynch, J. L., & Barr, P. (2016). Health consequences of same and opposite-sex unions: Partnership, parenthood, and cardiovascular risk among young adults. Journal of behavioral medicine, 39, 13-27.
Xi, J., Lee, M., LeSuer, W., Barr, P., Newton, K., & Poloma, M. (2016). Altruism and existential well-being. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 1-22.