Kristina Hood, Ph.D., in front of greenery

Kristina Hood, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(804) 828-7484

Health Psychology




  • Ph.D.: Virginia Commonwealth University, 2012

Research Interests

Dr. Kristina Hood's research interests focus on preventive health behaviors and promoting positive health outcomes among people of color and underserved populations. More specifically, Hood is interested in psychosocial determinants of health behavior, health disparities, condom use attitudes and persuasion, and sexual health promotion. A central aim has been to find innovative ways to disseminate persuasive messages and implement HIV interventions to increase the scope of prevention efforts. Identifying as both a basic and applied researcher, one of Hood's goals is to bridge the gap between these domains. Ultimately, Hood is interested in translating basic, lab-based findings in persuasion, attitudes, and behavior change to applied real world settings related to HIV prevention.

Select Publications

  • Belgrave, F. Z., Abrams, J. A., Hood, K. B., Moore, M. P., & Nguyen, A. B. (in press). Development and validation of a preliminary measure of gender role beliefs for African American women. Journal of Black Psychology.
  • Hood, K. B., Shook, N. J., & Belgrave, F. Z. (2016). “Jimmy cap before you tap”: Condom use messages for African American women. Journal of Sex Research. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2016.1168351
  • Hood, K. B., Robertson, A. A., & Baird-Thomas, C. (2015). Implementing solutions to barriers to on-site HIV testing in drug treatment. Evaluation and Program Planning, 49, 1-9.
  • Hood, K. B., & Shook, N. J. (2014). Who cares what others think?: The indirect effect of other’s attitudes on condom use intentions. International Journal of Sexual Health, 26, 282-294.
  • Hood, K. B., & Shook, N. J. (2013). Conceptualizing attitudes towards condom using the Tripartite Model. Women & Health, 53, 349-368


  • Application of Statistics, undergraduate level
  • Culture, Ethnicity, and Health, graduate level


  • 2014, Developing Diverse Investigators Workshop, NIMH
  • 2013, Special Populations Research Development Seminar Series Workshop, NIDA
  • 2012-2014, Fellow, HIV Intervention Science Training Program, Columbia University