B.S. in Psychology

With a Bachelor of Science in psychology from VCU, you’ll have an accurate and up-to-date understanding of psychological concepts, principles and findings.

You’ll develop the skills required to generate theories, do research, communicate ideas and information to others, and evaluate conclusions statistically. When you graduate, you can use those skills in a job in human resources, marketing, sales, training and development, social science research or any of a number of areas – or go on to graduate studies and work toward becoming a counselor, psychologist, therapist or researcher.

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Although the majority of psychology majors complete the standard curriculum, there are five concentrations available. Students may request to add one of the concentrations listed below in lieu of the standard curriculum by completing the Change of Major/Concentration form.

The concentrations represent curricula focused on special strengths of the Department of Psychology, and may prepare the student for psychological work not requiring the Ph.D.

Addiction Studies

Curricular focus on psychological theories and treatments of addiction, culminating in a fieldwork placement

Life Science

Represents curriculum focused on the intersection of psychology and life sciences (e.g., understanding the biological bases of behavior, and thought and emotion)

Pre-Graduate School

Provides broad training in the core areas of scientific psychology intended to prepare students for successful application to graduate school

Applied Psychology

Curricular focus on applications of psychology in human service and other work and social settings

Urban Psychology

Curricular focus with interdisciplinary emphasis in urban studies and psychology