Counseling Psychology Admissions

All applications to the Ph.D. program must be submitted via the VCU admissions portal.

Please note there is not a separate application for the program or department. General information about graduate study at VCU can be obtained from the VCU Graduate School website.

The counseling psychology doctoral program is a full-time program. We do not offer distance learning or part-time enrollment. 

The deadline for applications is December 1. 

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the counseling psychology program, you will need 18 undergraduate credit hours in psychology, including courses in statistics, experimental and introductory psychology. If you are an exceptionally qualified student, however, some of these prerequisites may be waived.

Although a master’s degree is awarded in progress toward the doctoral degree, only students who are seeking the Ph.D. are considered for admission. Students with master's degrees are encouraged to apply. However, if you did not complete a research-based thesis as part of your master's (or if it is not comparable in quality to those produced by VCU students), you must complete another master's degree with thesis in progress toward your doctoral degree.

The counseling program is committed to the recruitment of students from underrepresented groups, including racial, ethnic and sexual minorities. Additional details about admission requirements are available in the VCU Bulletin

Evaluation Process

Applications are evaluated by counseling program faculty members whose work is most closely aligned with the applicant's self-described research and clinical interests. A central consideration during the admissions process is the degree of fit between an applicant's research and clinical interests, and those of a particular faculty member.

Applicants should include the following in their statement of intent:

  • Their career goals and how the program could them help meet those goals
  • Names of faculty members with which their research and professional interests match well
  • Prior academic and professional experiences related to their interest in and aptitude for the program
  • The potential role of a social justice perspective in their work
  • Information about academic honors or professional awards, including scholarships, fellowships, publications and other relevant professional experiences (applicants are encouraged to include a resume or CV) 

Selected applicants will be invited for a virtual interview day where they will meet individually with faculty and students, and participate in structured group interviews. Virtual interviews will be held on Feb. 2 and Feb. 9, 2024. Only about four to five new students are admitted each year. 

Offers of admission are usually made in early to mid-March. Applicants must explicitly state in writing (email is acceptable) whether they will accept or reject an offer of admission by no later than April 15.

Faculty Accepting Applications

The following counseling psychology faculty are reviewing applications for this upcoming year:

Graduate Student Funding

One hundred percent of our students receive tuition waivers and assistantships or fellowships for at least the first four years of training. Though we cannot guarantee funding into the fifth year, most students are successful in procuring fifth year funding as needed. Learn more about financial support. 

Additional Admissions Information