Accelerated B.S. and M.Ed.

Get on the fast track to your M.Ed. in counselor education.

This program allows qualified students to earn both the B.S. in psychology and M.Ed. in counselor education in six years by completing approved graduate courses during the senior year of their undergraduate program. Students in the program may count up to 12 hours of graduate courses toward both the B.S. and M.Ed. degrees. This means the two degrees may be earned with a minimum of 168 credits rather than the 180 credits necessary if they are pursued separately.

Students holding the undergraduate degree in psychology will have knowledge in human behavior, learning and cognition that provides a foundation for graduate study in counselor education.

The counselor education program will prepare students to become licensed school counselors, couples and family counselors, or counselors and student affairs professionals in higher education institutions.

Admission requirements, degree requirements, recommended course sequences and more information about the B.S. and M.Ed. program can be found at VCU Bulletin.

M.Ed. Concentrations

The M.Ed. in counselor education has three concentrations: 

College Counseling and Student Affairs

The concentration in college counseling and student affairs provides students with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for employment as student affairs professionals in higher education settings.

Couples and Family Counseling

The concentration in couples and family counseling prepares students for careers as counselors in clinics, health care centers, schools and private practice.

School Counseling

The concentration in school counseling prepares counselors for elementary, middle and high schools.