Mary Loos, Ph.D., in front of trees

Mary Loos, Ph.D.


Program Director, International Programme in Addiction Studies

(804) 828-8019

Bird House, 820 W. Franklin St., Room 206

Clinical Psychology




  • Ph.D.: University of Maryland, College Park, 1998

Research Interests

Although Dr. Mary Loos is a clinical psychologist, her primary interest and responsibilities have focused for the past several years on teaching and program/curriculum development. In the Department, Loos has taught a wide range of courses. Recently, Loos has greatly enjoyed introducing students to the field of psychology in their Introductory Psychology courses, and to the field of Clinical Psychology in their Abnormal Psychology classes. Loos is also privileged to supervise upper class psychology majors in extended field work experiences.

Since the Fall of 2006, Loos has also served as VCU Program Director for the International Programme in Addiction Studies, a fully-online 36-credit Master of Science degree program offered in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia, and King's College, London. Her current research and pedagogical interests include program and curriculum development with a focus on distance and online learning, and the relationship of early attachment experiences to the development of later psychopathology, and particularly dissociative experiences and substance abuse.


  • Abnormal Psychology, undergraduate level
  • Addiction Policy, graduate level (co-taught with Mr. Charles O’Keeffe)
  • Field Work in Human Services/Urban Environment, undergraduate level
  • Introductory Psychology, undergraduate level
  • Public Health Issues and Approaches to Addiction (Taught with Dr. Besty Turf)


  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award, VCU Department of Psychology, 2017