Ph.D. in Health Psychology

The field of health psychology is concerned with understanding how biological, psychological, behavioral, cultural, and social contextual factors influence health and illness. The health psychology program provides students with the theoretical background and both basic and applied research skills needed to study the psychological, social, cultural, and behavioral bases of health and illness. As part of the VCU Department of Psychology, students study all major areas of theory and research in the field, but their specialized focus is on health and illness processes. The Health Psychology program is a research-oriented rather than clinical training program. Graduates of this program are awarded the Ph.D. in Psychology, as approved by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia in 2008. Students earn a Master of Science degree as part of their training, but not as a terminal master’s degree.

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Faculty Accepting Applications

This section will be updated in Fall 2023.

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For additional questions please contact Caroline Cobb, Ph.D., director of the health psychology program.

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