Rosalie Corona, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose Corona

Associate Professor
Director, Clinical Psychology
810 W Franklin, rm 101
(804) 828-8059

Associate Professor (tenured)
Director, Clinical Psychology Program
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Virginia
Director, Latino Mental Health Clinic
Associate Editor, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology

Ph.D. (1999), University of California, Los Angeles

Doctoral Program Affiliations

Primary: Clinical Psychology 
Secondary: Health Psychology


Research Interests

My general area of research focuses on health promotion and risk reduction in Latina/o and African American families. I am particularly interested in identifying family and cultural protective factors for racial/ethnic minority adolescents’ health attitudes, intentions, and behaviors. I am also involved in the development and evaluation of family-based prevention programs aimed at reducing health disparities. I use a variety of methodologies including observational work, qualitative interviews and focus groups, and surveys.

This is a busy time in our lab as we are currently collecting data on three grant-funded projects. First, in collaboration with Dr. Joshua Langberg we will evaluate whether integrating tobacco prevention messages into an evidence-based intervention for youth with ADHD and their parents helps reduce youth smoking intentions and behaviors. Second, we are collaborating with a colleague in the School of Social Work (Dr. Shelby McDonald) on a community-engaged research project to promote mental health in the growing Latina/o community in the greater Richmond area. Third, I am a collaborator on a project in South Africa examining young adults’ health and relationship attitudes. Finally, I am collaborating with Dr. Bruce Rybarczyk in the integration of behavioral health services into a primary care clinic that serves Latina/o adults and children, many of whom are Spanish-speaking. Undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in research projects and publications.

Select Publications

Corona, R., Gomes, M., Pope, M., Shaffer, C. M., & Yaros, A. (2016). Love shouldn’t hurt: What do African American maternal caregivers tell their daughters about dating violence? Journal of Early Adolescence, 36, 465-489.
Corona, R., Yaros, A., Pope, M., Velazquez, E., & Augustin, D. (2015). A pilot study of what African American maternal caregivers and their adolescent daughters talk about when asked to discuss tobacco together. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 15, 268-286.
Corona, R., Rodríguez, V. M., Quillin, J. M, Gyure, M. E., & Bodurtha, J. N. (2013). Talking (or not) about family health history in families of Latino young adults. Health Education & Behavior, 40, 571-580.
Lopez, V., Corona, R., & Halfond, R. W. (2013). Effects of gender, media influences and traditional gender role orientation on disordered eating and appearance concerns among Latino adolescents. Journal of Adolescence, 36, 727-736.
Corona, R., Stevens, L. F., Halfond, R. W., Shaffer, C. M., Reid-Quiñones, K., & Gonzalez, T. (2012). A qualitative analysis of what Latino parents and adolescents think and feel about language brokering. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 21, 788-798.

Recent Courses

  • Clinical Practicum, graduate level
  • Culture, Ethnicity, and Health, graduate level
  • Individual Tests of Intelligence, graduate level
  • Minority Issues in Mental Health, graduate level
  • Child Psychopathology, undergraduate level
  • Psychology of Abnormal Behavior, undergraduate level

Recent Grants

Trauma-Informed Care for Refugee Newcomers in Virginia: A Factorial Design of Effectiveness-Implementation Hybrid Research

Amount: $47,000
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Im)
Source: VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund
Period: 7/2017 – 6/2019

The VCU Primary Care Psychology Training Network: Expanding the Safety Net

Amount: $999,589
Role: Co-Investigator (Rybarczyk, PI)
Source: Health Resources and Services Administration Graduate Psychology Education Program
Period: 7/2016 – 6/2019

Training Latino Residents in Mental Health First Aid

Amount: $20,000
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (McDonald)
Source: VCU Council for Community Engagement
Period: 7/2016 – 6/2017

The Effects of Young Adults’ Attitudes About Health and Relationships on Sexuality and HIV Infection

Amount: $390
Role: Collaborator (Haffeje, PI)
Source: National Research Foundation
Period: 1/2016 – 12/2018

Factors That Protect Against Tobacco Use During the Transition to College for Adolescents With and Without ADHD

Amount: $29,400
Role: Co-Investigator (Langberg and Dvorsky, PIs)
Source: Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects Small Grants Program
Period: 1/2016 – 12/2018

A Community-Engaged Approach to Reducing Pediatric Asthma Disparities in Richmond

Amount: $348,289
Role: Co-Investigator (Everhart, PI)
Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Period: 9/2015 – 8/2016
Number: U34HL130759

Integrating Tobacco Prevention Strategies Into Behavioral Parent Training for Adolescents With ADHD

Amount: $449,362
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Langberg)
Source: Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Period: 7/2015 – 6/2018

A Bridge Toward Integrated Psychological Services for Latino Children and Increasing the Bilingual Psychologist Workforce in Richmond 

Amount: $100,000
Role: Co-Investigator (Rybarczyk)
Source: Richmond Memorial Health Foundation
Period: 7/2015 – 6/2017

Providing Comprehensive Integrated Behavioral Health to Adults and Children at the Hayes E. Willis Health Center 

Amount: $134,000
Role: Co-Investigator (Rybarczyk)
Source: Virginia Health Care Foundation
Period: 7/2015 – 6/2018

African American Parent-Adolescent Communication About Tobacco Use  

Amount: $26,790
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects Small Grants Program
Period: 1/2013 – 6/2014

Can Parents Help Prevent Youth Tobacco Use? An Evaluation of Two Evidence-Based Parenting Programs 

Amount: $449,972
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Period: 7/2012 – 12/2015

VCU ACE: Evaluation of a Comprehensive Approach to Youth Violence Prevention 

Amount: $6,500,000
Role: Co-Investigator (Farrell, PI)
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Period: 9/2009 – 9/2015
Number: U01CE001956

Fostering Family Communication About Cancer - Do You Know Your Kin Facts? 

Amount: $1,844,317
Role: Co-Investigator (Quillin, PI)
Source: National Institutes of Health
Period: 7/2009 – 6/2014
Number: R01CA140959

Improving the Quality of Mental Health Care for Richmond’s Youth: A Model Interdisciplinary Program

Amount: $10,000
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (McLeod)
Source: VCU Council for Community Engagement
Period: 7/2009 – 6/2013

Assessing the Needs of the Asian American Community in Richmond

Amount: $12,000
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Nguyen)
Source: VCU Council for Community Engagement
Period: 7/2011 – 9/2012 

Recent Awards

  • 2017, Faculty Development Seminar (Guatemala and Mexico), VCU Global Education Office
  • 2017, Outstanding Faculty Community Engagement Award, VCU Department of Psychology
  • 2016, Community-Engaged Scholar, VCU Division of Community Engagement
  • 2015, Outstanding Service Award, VCU Department of Psychology
  • 2015, Dalmas Taylor Award, American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program  
  • 2015, Presidential Award for Community Multicultural Enrichment, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 2014, Faculty Development Seminar (South Africa), VCU Global Education Office
  • 2012, Outstanding Teaching Award, VCU Department of Psychology

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