Social Psychology Admissions

All applications to the Ph.D. program must be submitted via the VCU admissions portal.

Please note that there is not a separate application for the program or department. General information about graduate study at VCU can be obtained from the VCU Graduate School website. 

The deadline for applications is December 1.

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the program based both on their academic merit and the fit of their research interests to those of one or more faculty members in the program.

Applicants will be evaluated on a number of dimensions, including past academic record, research experience, the potential to conduct high-quality original research and the ability to work well in teams.

Details about admission requirements are available in the VCU Bulletin. Please also include a resume with your materials.

Faculty Accepting Applications

Prospective social psychology graduate students are encouraged to apply to work with: 

However, graduate students are encouraged to work with more than one faculty member, and these faculty members may be within or outside of the Social Psychology concentration.